S. M. Prescott is a non-binary, white, queer-dyke, born and raised in the swamps of Louisiana. They will always be rooted in the South, however precarious their relationship with it may be. Prescott is a culmination of evangelical Baptist ministers and atheists, competitive orchid growers, alligator hunters and sacred housewives, one brave out gay, many churches, and a multitude of questions. Just as they were raised by contradiction, so they are themselves the embodiment of what is here but coming, already but not yet. Through their work they provide space for mourning, healing, questioning, and growing, all while continuing a commitment to joy and queer love as the motivation for all things. Prescott hopes to be a part of creating space for the intersections of art, womanism, queerness, transness and spirituality within community as they move forward.

Prescott received their Bachelors of Fine Art in Studio Art with a concentration in Painting and a minor in Art History from Louisiana Tech University. They are currently a Masters of Fine Art in Community Arts 2019 candidate at Maryland Institute College of Art, as well as a 2019 Libby Bowerman Fellow at Keswick Multi Care Center. Prescott currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland with their partner, Shannon, and sweet Amstaff, Parish. You can often find them in a park or on roller skates, sometimes at the same time.